Catch falling capsules (avoid the Red Xs!), collect the hidden fruits and veggies, control the Umphee, discover the secret of the pearl, enjoy 80 minutes of original music, fill the treasure chest, master the bonus levels, avoid the bubbles, get a high score and STAY ALIVE! Many will play but few will conquer all 27 levels and become a MacBrickout champion! How far can you get?

MacBrickout by Carson Whitsett
Hello! I am a solo developer. The year was 1993 when I took the plunge and started teaching myself the C programming language. I thought a ball and paddle brick bashing game would be a fun challenge to take on. Little did I know...

MacBrickout has enamoured players for 30 years. Now it has been completely rewritten to run on today's Mac and PC computers. Download MacBrickout right now and enjoy some classic retro gaming action!
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Known Bugs / Remaining Tasks

  1. No known bugs. Great!
  2. Add game ending

Release Notes


  1. Fixed display of achievements on high scores when user has more achievements than can fit.


  1. Added missing teleporter to Carnival level
  2. Game Over takes unregistered users to Upgrade screen. Registered users go to Main Menu


  1. Fixed issue with top teleporter in Bulls Eyes where brick was cutting into teleporter
  2. If you beat the game, it will now show 'WIN!' for the level number in the high scores
  3. Fixed bug where Aim-For-Levels would not show blank tiles towards end of level set
  4. Fixed a bug where game would hang on the last level
  5. World rank only appears in score bar if score was within the top 100,000
  6. Fixed problem where stuck balls wouldn't get unstuck until they were the last active ball
  7. Space bar while pause menu is up now unpauses game
  8. Made level 22 background look less washed out
  9. When saving Umphee from pink bubble, sometimes you'll get a surprise
  10. You'll no longer get a super umphee ball on the Aim For Levels screen