Many will play but few will conquer all 27 levels and become a MacBrickout champion! Catch falling capsules (avoid the Red X's!), collect the hidden fruits and veggies, control the Umphee, discover the secret of the pearl, enjoy 80 minutes of original music, fill the treasure chest, master the bonus levels, get a high score, avoid the bubbles and STAY ALIVE!

MacBrickout by Carson Whitsett
The year was 1993. I took the plunge and started teaching myself the C programming language. I thought a ball and paddle brick bashing game would be a fun challenge to take on. Little did I know...

MacBrickout has enamoured players for 30 years. Now it has been completely rewritten to run on today's machines. Download MacBrickout today and enjoy some classic retro gaming action!
This is a pre-release beta build of MacBrickout. Please follow these guidelines:
  1. If you find a bug, go to the Settings screen in the game and hit the Feedback button to report it.
  2. Bugs I'm aware of are listed in the Known Bugs section below.
  3. Let me know if you have any problems installing or if there is something I can do to make the install process easier
  4. Have fun!
- Come here using your Mac or Windows machine to get a download link

Known Bugs / Remaining Tasks

  1. Still need to show END and WIN! in the high scores
  2. Add game ending
  3. Cursor appears in the middle of a game (on some Windows systems). Seems like when a windows notification comes in

Release Notes


  1. Fixed bug where players could not edit the player name on the Settings screen.


  1. Fixed bug where targets in level 8 would not spawn bomb balls in unpaid version of game
  2. Added Aim For Levels functionality in paid version of game (turn on in settings)


  1. Added version number display on About screen (in sand)
  2. Fixed bug where right wall of first bonus level was bright green
  3. You will no longer lose pearl mode if you lose a ball in a bonus level
  4. Made it so happy capsules won't restore red paddle when in bonus levels
  5. Completely disabled GlowCamera for smooth mode
  6. Duooh sound plays when happy capsule hits the sand
  7. Capsules now spawn sand particles if they're traveling fast enough
  8. Fast/slow pill velocity is increased / decreased proportionally with skill level
  9. Special sound now plays the first time you get an achievement in current game. Before it would only play first time you got it ever
  10. Fast/slow pill velocity now reset at game over


  1. Added OH YEAH sound effect when MULT hits 50
  2. Capsules no longer fall through shells
  3. Added missing second juggling achievement
  4. Made it less difficult to get Smallest Paddle achievement
  5. Added missing Awesome Bounce achievement
  6. Removed duplicate menu script from Menu scene. This may have been what caused level not to end when all bricks were cleared
  7. Adjusted layout of Skill Level section in settings
  8. Welcome level had bricks set to static which broke GPU batching. Fixed. Draw calls went from 300+ to 100+
  9. Added beta tester to credits (anyone who finds a new bug during beta testing gets added to the credits)
  10. Added sound effect for when ball hits shell or treasure chest
  11. Added cubby clues. Hover over any empty cubby on the Elements screen to see the clue
  12. Windowed mode now supports Mac Retina displays. Also you can now resize the window.
  13. Added game winning achievements
  14. Upgrade popup now only appears if latest version is > app version. Before it would pop up if the versions weren't equal